Ellis Hughes

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{tidytuesdayR} has the main goal to make it easy to participate in the weekly #TidyTuesday project. Currently this is done by assisting with the import of data posted on the R4DataScience Tidy Tuesday repository.


This package is available on CRAN via:


To get the latest in-development features, install the development version from GitHub:



There are currently two methods to access the data from the respository.

Load the Data!

The simplest way is to use the ‘tt_load()’ function. This function has accepts two types of inputs to determine which data to grab. It can be a date as a string in the YYYY-MM-DD format like below.

tt_data <- tt_load("2019-01-15")

Or the function can accept the year as the first argument, and which week of the year as the second.

tt_data <- tt_load(2019, week=3) 

tt_load() naively downloads all the data that is available and stores them in the resulting tt_data object. To access the data, use the $ or [[ notation and the name of the dataset.


To view the readme, either print the tt_data object or use the readme() function. When you print the tt_data object, you also get the available datasets names printed in the console.

## Available Datasets:
##  agencies 
##  launches 


As part of the goal of making participating in #TidyTuesday easier, {tidytuesdayR} now also provides a template! To use it, just use the use_tidytemplate() function!

By default, the template will assume to be using the most recent TidyTuesday. However, you can pass a date object or character string in YYYY-MM-DD format defining a different date you want to use. If you don’t recall the exact date, no worries, you can use the tt_available() function to figure out which date and get the date to use!

## this weeks TidyTuesday!

## TidyTuesday from Week 42 of 2019
tidytuesdayR::use_tidytemplate(refdate = "2019-10-15")

Additionally, by default the template will create the new file in your working directory, using the “YYYY_MM_DD” format per good practices. However, if you are so inclined, you can rename it to whatever you wish.

tidytuesdayR::use_tidytemplate(name = "My Super Great TidyTuesday.Rmd")


Please note that the ‘tidytuesdayR’ project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By contributing to this project, you agree to abide by its terms.